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The series is a story of Kanishk and Lord Krishna. Kanishk has just become the principal of a orphanage in Mathura and he has cruel thing going on in his mind. He is not a nice person and doing all this for love and kindness. But he is after the children of the Mathura Orphanage and wants to train them and convert them to evil. He wants to build a army for himself by making them into Zombies and Monsters. The worst part is people thing he is a large hearted person and loves children, so he decided to become

the principal of the Mathura orphanage. But this is not really true and he is planning the biggest revenge of his life against the Mathura people who worship Lord Krishna.But some how their is a SOS sent to the Holy Council of Gods from a undercover the Mathura Orphanage and Mathura. But as soon as Kris reaches the

Running Time

20 Minutes


Aah Long

Written by

Nidhi Aanand
Kaushik Chawla
Richa Deo


Cartoon Network

Original Run

14 November 2010

Orphanage, Kanishk comes to know that he is Lord Krishna and the battle begins which is actually full of laughter and fun. The series has a lesson conveyed in a very innocent way.


Main CharactersEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit



The opening starts with Naarad Muni Daancing, Then some clips are shown from the TV show. After the clips, Krishna arrives in the Indralok where a meeting of all devs is going on. Indradev orders him to go to Earth and Krishna travels on earth by a cloud. Then some another clips are shown from the show.

Then again Naarad Muni is dancing before he is disturbed by Kanishk(who changes to Kansa).After it all the demons are shown(not all of them). Then comes the orphanage, Kanishk is giving a speech till Sudama see Krishna coming on a cloud and falling on Kanishk. All the students are shocked seeing Krishna. He shake the feather of a peacock. At the last, all students are shown dancing with Krishna.

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